Within the 41st meeting of members of SFDP Mr. Jakub Karas and Mr. Tomas Tichy introduced in practice mapping methods using RPAS in the field. : MaVinci (fixed-wing aircraft) and Hexacopter (6 rotor copter) were used to acquiring some aerial photos for orthophoto and 3D model production. A short seminar followed where V. Safar presented first results of testing the accuracy of orthophotos, digital aerotriangulation and DTM obtained from image taking with RPAS at the test field near Hradec Kralove J. Karas and T. Tichy showed results of afternoon RPAS photography and their subsequent processing. The meeting and open problems of using RPAS were described in the article of Jiri Sima, that was published in the Czech magazine Zeměměříč (Surveyor), No 9+10/2014.

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