ISPRS Congress 2022 in Nice, June 6-11, 2022

  • Webinar to showcase Nice Congress – Oct. 05, 2021 at 8 am CEST and 4 PM CEST
  • Call for additional award nominations

Dear valued ISPRS member,
Only a few weeks after my last letter, here is some more information about the upcoming ISPRS

  • ISPRS will organise a webinar introducing the Congress and all surrounding activities to
    facilitate your planning. I will give a short introduction, followed by a presentation of the
    Congress activities by Nicolas Paparoditis, and a Q&A session. This webinar will be held twice
    on Oct. 5, 2021:
    • at 8 am CEST (6 am UTC, 2 pm Beijing, 5 pm Sydney) for Europe, Africa, Asia and
    • at 4 pm CEST (10 am New York, 11 am Rio de Janeiro, 2 pm UTC) for the Americas,
      Europe and Africa

In this way we hope to reach most of you at a convenient time.

  • In addition to the awards presented for 2020, some of which were already handed over digitally
    this summer, ISPRS is pleased to announce a few additional awards. We are very thankful to all
    donors who have agreed to this additional offer, during this very special time. Details can be
    found in the attached awards brochure. Please send in your nominations by the deadline at the
    latest (Feb. 1st, 2022 for most awards).
    Finally, let me repeat the deadline for submission of contributions for the 2022 ISPRS Congress: It is
    January 10, 2022.
    Looking forward to seeing you in the webinar on Oct. 5, and then, of course, in Nice next summer.


Christian Heipke
ISPRS President, on behalf of the ISPRS Council

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